Take Motivational Training in Gurgaon and Delhi

Tune-up conducts Motivational Training programs in Gurgaon and Delhi to enhance the willpower of the employees and to keep employees updated. Training on motivation helps an employee to become a potent employee. Motivational programs not only improves the performance of an individual, but also responsible for improving the overall performance of an organization. We, at Tune-up have a team of experienced professionals who are proficient in offering motivational training programs.

Motivation is key to any successful role. This program is designed to help develop motivational techniques, by understanding what is required, what works and then implementing action plan for employees in an organisation.


A. Self Motivation – How to motivate oneself?

  • To understand our reasons & motivations at work
  • To understand the relevant and proven theories of motivation, how they apply in the workplace & how they relate to our work
  • To understand how job satisfaction can influence motivation and what can be done to enhance it (What can I do to improve the specification and scope of my job?)
  • Motivation Exercises – How to apply & practice good motivational techniques?
  • Using training and education to enhance motivation and performance
  • Avoiding the mistakes of bad motivators
  • Making an action plan

B. What can one do to motivate the staff to work better?

The role of Managers is seen as successful if they can encourage, persuade or develop their people in such ways as to improve their effectiveness. Increasingly, as managers have to be super professionals in addition to their managerial responsibilities, it is even more important that motivation is achieved.

  • Identifying with the desires and motivations of one’s employees
  • Developing a clear vision & providing direction for employees’ motivation
  • Encouraging work that creates its own motivation for employees
  • How to effectively reward effort, to reinforce motivation
  • Managing & correcting employees’ mistakes without damaging motivation
  • Using effective communication skills to get messages and motivation across clearly
  • Encouraging teamwork & improving motivation with coaching and cooperation

As a manager or team lead, it is your responsibility to keep motivating and providing the cooperative work environment. Never criticize your employees, it makes them feel demotivated. Keep guiding and motivating the employees. We train you on how to create a professional and cooperative work environment for your employees. What are you waiting for! If you are from Delhi/NCR, avail the facility of motivational training program in Gurgaon and Delhi.