Take Train the Trainer course to become an effective trainer

With the increasing productivity, usually companies forget to increase the quality. It is good if your company is growing at a great peak, but what about the growth of your employees. Never forget that growth of your employees is directly proportional to the productivity of a company. So, it is a good practice to organize training programs for your employees to keep enhancing their skills. But before organizing training programs for workers, you should be an effective trainer. To become a versatile trainer, Tune-up offers Train the Trainer in Noida.

Train the Trainer course helps you to give effective training to employees working in your company. You might have to provide training via presentations, seminars, conferences, or many other sources. Therefore, it is required to be a skilled trainer. We have a team of expert and professional trainers who offer Train the Trainer course in Noida and Delhi.

The objective of this part is to prepare a professional trainer who has effective presentation and facilitation skills. Participants will practice delivery through several rounds of short presentations and training sessions. Participants will learn how to use advanced training aides and tools including case studies, role-plays, surveys, self-assessments, and Audio/Visual tools.

Key topics covered are:

What makes a Good Trainer:

  • Introductory presentation: Assessing your delivery skills
  • Characteristics of an Effective Trainer
  • Elements of a successful training program
  • Common Errors in Training

Tuning Your Facilitation Skills

  • The Art of Facilitation
  • Developing your training style
  • Tuning your presentation skills
  • Planning and preparing your training session
  • Focusing your energy on the training session
  • Overcoming Nervousness

Creating a relaxing and interactive training environment

  • Your Role as an Effective Communicator
  • Using non-verbal communication and effective body language
  • Setting the climate – Icebreakers
  • Managing the Question and Answer Period
  • Dealing with Difficult Trainees
  • Handling Difficult Situations when delivering training
  • Using Training Aides Effectively
  • Using Visual Aids effectively
  • Selecting suitable audio visual tools
  • Practicing the use of case studies in training: Cassettes, short cases and Harvard-style long cases
  • Practicing the use of role plays in training
  • Using in-class hands-on exercises, self-assessments and surveys
  • Practice Sessions
  • Second Presentation: Practicing Delivery

The objective of this is to teach participants how to develop a training course. They will know the key concepts related to adult learning, writing learning outcomes, training course design and training evaluation.

Key topics covered are:

How do adults learn?

  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • Motivating the adult learner
  • Training Program Design and Planning
  • Designing the training program
  • Writing learning objectives based on Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Planning a Workshop
  • Preparing a Lesson plan
  • Designing and conducting on-the-job-training
  • Assessing and evaluating training
  • Assessment of learning objectives
  • Evaluation of training

To increase the overall productivity of an organization, keep organizing training workshops for employees to develop their confidence. If you are looking for train the trainer training program in Delhi, choose Tune-up where we offer you the Train the trainer course at pocket friendly prices.